hbgunner asked: Hey how's it going?

It’s goin good right now, I made plans with my close friends at home to go see the 2 week old foal at my barn. I get to go home after my last class on Friday and I’m so stocked bout it. I’ve been gettin some support bout taking up riding again and staying an extra year at college and gonna take some extra horse classes that can help me in getting a career back home. The Cup season has started (hockey that is) and I’m pretty excited bout that too. Haven’t been thinkin bout anything bad in the last few days and that’s good.
I’m just excited to get home Friday night though haha

Thanks for askin :)

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Appaloosa nose

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Sleepy pony c:

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Pole Bending

Lmao this needs to be the new barrel racing dress code tbh