Today Arizona let me brush her as she just stood in her stall. Usually when I try to brush her she’ll be THAT horse and play the “lets see if I can find all the dont-touch-spots-there-or-I’ll-bit-you” game. But this time she just stood there with her ears up as I brushed her. I came up by her head when I emptied the brush, bout a billion times, and she’d smell the brush with her ears up and I’d just continue brushin her. And usually she’d go to the other side of her stall and eat but she literally just stood there with her ears up waiting for me to finish. No crossties no nothin. She just stood there like she wanted to (and I’m sure of it she did).

I’m not sure if I forgot how good horses can sense your mood or if she was in a good mood. I’m not sure.
And though it was nice out, I didn’t ride :( but that’s ok, she let me brush her without any sort of problem whatsoever and I’m really happy bout it :) and I really needed this too. I really did, and she came through and helped make things ok again. And I love her for that.

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